Saturday, February 23, 2013

Port Orleans Riverside Royal Guest Room Review

Belle's mirror reflecting the Port Orleans Royal Guest Room

      For Valentine's Day this year, Todd and I decided to stay in the Royal Guest Rooms at Port Orleans: Riverside. I have always wanted to stay in these rooms, while Todd was just excited to stay at Riverside. We've been trying to make our way to each and every moderate resort, and now all we have left is Port Orleans: French Quarter.
Such a stunning lobby.
      We checked in at about six o'clock in the morning, but our room wasn't ready yet, so we decided to explore the grounds a bit and take a few pictures.

The bayou theme is perfect.

I loved the sunrise over the vintage boat house style buildings.
Riverside Mill
     We went to grab breakfast while we waited to hear about our room, and it was very good, if simply typical resort food court fare. Todd had his go-to breakfast at Disney, the chocolate croissant and I had oatmeal from the create-your-own oatmeal station. After breakfast, we took a quick trip to Magic Kingdom and then as we headed out to get some lunch, we got a text saying our room was ready.

The bed clothes and the whole room in general was wonderfully themed. There were pictures of Tiana and all the princesses hanging on the walls (For those who don't know, the story behind the Royal Guest Rooms is that it is the place where Tiana has invited all the other princesses and royal guests to stay). All around the room there are trinkets left behind from former guests for the future occupants to enjoy.

Aladdin's lamp as the faucet.

A beautifully carved frame from Snow White.

Hidden Mickey!
If you peek in the bottom right corner, you can see the Aladdin's magic carpet.

     My two favorite things were the view outside and the fireworks display in the headboard.
The light display lasted about one minute.
This was a few steps from our door, on the the third floor.
     We absolutely loved Port Orleans Riverside and the Royal Guest Rooms. The theme is impeccable throughout, and is incredibly immersive. While the Royal Guest Rooms are intended to be for young children, I highly recommend them for a more special romantic weekend, especially for Disney loving couples. This resort in general is a higher caliber than the other moderate resorts, especially considering the expansive grounds and elaborate theme. Todd and I will definitely be returning to stay at Port Orleans in our future trips.