Monday, July 14, 2014

Art of Animation: Finding Nemo Family Suite

The Big Blue Pool (with underwater music!)

This time last summer, I was on vacation at Walt Disney World with Todd and a few members of our family. When we were planning this trip, we crunched and re-crunched the numbers until we figured out that Art of Animation was the best idea. And we are so glad that we did. It was awesome!

Say hello to your old pal, Bruce!

The theme in this area is just as awesome as the Cars section. Little details are everywhere! This is especially true at the pool area, where the music can be heard when you swim underwater, as well occasionally the voices of Nemo, Dory, Crush, Squirt, etc. At the pool there's the Drop Off, a drink and snack bar, which has mug refill and wash station. We were really close to the pool, so we walked over and filled up our mugs a couple times a day! At the furthest end of the pool (closest to the splash park) it's zero entry, which I always enjoy.


Mr. Ray was swimming outside of our building!

Big "sketchpad" backing up to Hourglass Lake.

View across the lake of Pop Century.

Once we got into the room, the details only continued. Not to mention the extra space that was previously superfluous to Todd and myself was now incredibly useful to the bunch of us!

 The master bedroom had a standard queen sized bed, nightstands, etc. That you would find in a typical Disney hotel room, as well an en suite bathroom with a standing glass door shower.


 There is also the usual dresser / television stand combo, complete with reef design!

Closer look at the adorable headboard!
Bubble lights on the ceiling.

Jellyfish lamp.

 Out in the living room there is a Murphy bed that pulls down, making the headboard a picture of Nemo and Marlin! Too cute.

 This couch folds out into a full bed. Also, look closely: the fish above it is actually all the little silver fish shaped like Marlin from the film!

 The living area also has a bathroom with a bathtub and shark themed curtain.

 I wasn't able to get a picture, but in the living room instead of a short coffee table, there are actually two flat stools can be either sat on or used as a table. Pretty clever!

The splash zone area.

Overall, we had absolutely zero complaints about staying at Art of Animation! Of course, it's important to keep in mind that this resort is geared to families, and would probably not be terribly conducive to a romantic getaway for most people in couples (unless of course you're Todd and me, who came here on our Honeymoon!). But if your goal is to stay at a well themed Value Resort, this one will cost a little more for a standard room that at Pop Century or an All Star, but it's well worth it!