Monday, July 8, 2013

Despicable Me 2 Review

While this is not a Disney film, it is a major competitor in the market, so I think it warrants a review. I've never written movie review before, so here goes nothing!

Todd and I went into Despicable Me 2 with high hopes, as we both loved the first one, and we had been told the sequel was just as good.  We went on Saturday morning, with a theatre full a kids and their families. If you based this review solely on the audience reactions, it would be an easy 10/10. So  to any parents, it's safe to say that your kids will love it. There were enough silly Minion jokes to make up an entire film, as well as some laughs from Gru and the girls, Margo, Edith, and Agnes. However, for parents or other older patrons, there was a lot of heart and slightly more mature humor as well, with subplots of Margo discovering the world of boys, and Gru -reluctantly- getting into the dating scene.

The plot was predictable, as one would expect from this type of movie, especially being a sequel, but not horribly so. There were a few parts that dragged on a little bit, with the same jokes being repeated a few too many times, but kids will eat it up, and probably laugh the most at these times. The ending was a good one, with a few more laughs and everything tied up neatly in a bow. One thing to consider is during the credits, there were a lot of gags put in for the 3D version, so if you do go see it in 3D, make sure to stay all the way through.

Overall I'd give this movie a 9/10. The laughs were great, the heart was in it, and we'd definitely go see it again.