Friday, March 14, 2014

Festival of Fantasy Review

      For those of you who follow the happenings of the Walt Disney World Resort, you know that Sunday was the premiere of a brand new parade called Festival of Fantasy at Magic Kingdom. Todd and I visited WDW on Monday, and made a trip to Magic Kingdom so we could see the parade. We absolutely loved it! The music was great, the costumes and floats were beautifully colored and detailed, overall it was great to watch!
      My favorite float by far was Tangled. From the sun lanterns, to the various Snuggly Duckling singers, and the over sized swinging axes, you could see the parade a dozen times and notice something different with each viewing. Not to be outdone, however, was the huge Maleficent dragon, who breathed fire and was flanked by some terrifying crows. I definitely recommend making time in your next Magic Kingdom visit to see it. Without further ado, here are the photos:
The parade is led off by Belle and the Beast

On the same float is Cinderella's dress being made, and Cinderella herself on the opposite side.

Reigning darlings Anna, Elsa, and Olaf round out the title float.

Like Cinderella, they only stay on one side (the right), so keep that in mind when picking your spot. The other side is Tiana.

See what I mean about details?

Rapunzel grinning up at Flynn's smolder.

Coral covered dancers precede the Little Mermaid float.

Ariel being driven by Sebastian and combing her hair with a Dinglehopper.

Bonus: Can you spot the Hidden Mickey?

The Lost Boys usher in Peter Pan's float.

On second thought, maybe this float is my favorite. Look at all those colors!

Captain Hook swinging menacingly on an Anchor, next to the Neverland map on Pride Rock.

Peter Pan and Wendy, always exploring.

Of course, you can't have Peter Pan without Tinkerbell.

Merida clapping joyfully atop her giant bagpipe.

Above her head you can see the plate of pastries and her little brother as a bear cub.

These frightening creatures are nothing compared to what they bring with them...

Maleficent in all her winged glory. 

The sheer size of this amazing.

The Alice in Wonderland and Snow White character strangely don't have a float.

More beautifully costumed dancers in front of Pinocchio and Monstro.

Riding Monstro's tale is Dumbo, followed by Daisy, Donald, and the Fantasia crew.

Fantasia animals.

And Pluto brings up the back!

Goofy, Chip, Dale, and these adorably costumed performers dance behind Pluto...

And then lead up to...

The grand finale! Mickey and Minnie themselves.

I thought they made a greater last float than an introductory one.

And with that ends the Festival of Fantasy!