Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Review: Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party and Villains Sinister Soiree: Part 2

If you haven't read the first part of the review, here it is.

After club villain, we went to Cinderella Castle to check into the dessert party.

Inside the castle we were instructed to wait in the foyer and mingle with some characters before heading up to the main dining room.

The foyer with a slight Tremaine makeover

The Queen of Hearts, Anastasia and Drizella teasing a girl dressed as the Cheshire Cat

This meet and greet time was one of the benefits of our 11:25 seating. The latest party of the evening is 11:45 with seating times between 11:25 and 11:45. Not only does this extend the Halloween Party, which usually ends at midnight, but our 11:25 seating time gave us a check in of about 11:10, which gave us a lot of time for character mingling before the party began.

We walked up to the main dining room and were greeted by Judge Frollo and Captain Hook. They made their way around to each table for photos, except Captain Hook just sort of skipped by.

At each setting of our table we found autograph cars and personalized menus. Unlike the usual dessert parties, each party is seated at their own table and served by a cast member.

Our poison apple centerpiece

 A cheese plate was served to us as soon as we sat down. There were little pieces of toast, blue cheese, cream cheese, baby gherkins, figs, cheese fondue, and salami. Also waiting was a souvenir Maleficent cup filled with candy, which was convenient because we didn't get to do any trick or treating.

 The drink of the evening was a delicious poison apple concoction, complete with poison apple glow cube and Maleficent drink stirrer, both souvenirs to take home with us.

Lady Tremaine welcomes her guests

 After we got settled into our seats, Lady Tremaine sang us a song welcoming everyone and introducing all of the other Villains that would be joining the event. After their introductions, the Villains made their way around to every table for photos.

 Throughout the night, an organ player played melancholy renditions of classic Disney songs. While the Villains were circulating, Lady Tremaine, Anastasia and Drizella sang a hilarious mash up of "Sing Sweet Nightingale" and "Royals" by Lorde. After the musical number, each Villain introduced the desserts everyone was waiting for.

 The one I found most interesting was the Evil Queen's bleeding heart apple. It was a bright red apple with a white wine and cherry reduction inside, which "bled" when cut open.

 Next was Maleficent's Dragon Toasted Confection, a pistachio mousse topped with meringue. This was very good, if a bit odd.

Next up was Dr. Facilier's chocolate Tarot Card and flourless chocolate torte. The torte tasted like pure espresso cream, which was strange considering it wasn't mentioned as having any sort of coffee flavoring at all. Still, it was very good.

 Finally was Cruella de Vil's Spotted Mousse Cake, which was dark chocolate and white chocolate with raspberry. This was the most expected of the desserts, but it was absolutely delicious!

 Before we left for the evening, Lady Tremaine made her way over and insisted we take a photo with her. And then she sang "The Party's Over," and indeed it was. Then we made our way out of the park, which was eerily empty, as the party had been over for almost an hour. This was the other great part of the late party: how often do you get to see Magic Kingdom empty? That, coupled with the steam from rain and the party lights made for some pretty spook-tacular pictures.

 And thus closed an awesome evening at Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween party!

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