Sunday, April 20, 2014

In your Easter Magic Kingdom!

Every holiday, families from around the globe decide it would be amazing to make the day even more special by visiting Magic Kingdom, and Easter is no exception! And who could blame them? Todd and I have made WDW our own Easter tradition for the past few years, too! However, before your family decides on this course of action, be warned: holidays with a little extra magic are not for the faint of heart.

The wait just after the park was open just to get onto the monorail, ferry, or bus at the TTC.

People go crazy! That being said, we actually saw lighter crowds a bit compared to previous years, but that could have been due to the three hour wait to see Anna and Elsa (more on that next update). It's also worth noting the Tables in Wonderland card discount is not valid on any holidays.

All things considered though, it's a pretty cool experience. After all, the Azalea Maids were all over Main Street, you could meet Mr. and Mrs. Easter Bunny, and there was a special Easter parade only shown on Easter! So I say, definitely go for it next year if you get the chance!

And now, photos!

Anxiously awaiting the Bunnies of the hour!

Photo op!
Butterflies ushering in the parade.


Daisy in her Easter finery.

So many ruffles!

That's all for today! Happy Easter everyone, and see ya real soon!

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