Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Liberty Tree Tavern Lunch Review

Liberty Tree Tavern at Magic Kingdom is a popular dinner spot, which features an all-you-care-to-enjoy family style spread of classic Thanksgiving type foods. Because turkey, mashed potatoes, etc. are pretty heavy, a lot of people pass on Liberty Tree for lunch during a day at the parks.

However, we disagree! While the food is still pretty heavy, it's not so much that you'll be weighed down. Plus, if you get a window seat, you might get a view of the Liberty Bell! ;-)

Old fashioned pantry in the lobby.

The ambiance is warm, with a colonial theme throughout. Each room is themed to a different Founding Father, and the detailing is really great.

Dark wood table chairs and rich fabrics give a very homey feel.

Now, onto the food! We started with crab and lobster dip, which was devoured too quickly for a picture. It's served with a fresh loaf of bread, and it was to die for. When the bread was gone, we ate it with a spoon. Seriously, delicious.

I was very pleased to see they serve the pomegranate lemonade, which I am learning is just Minute Maid and standard at just about every table service, but it's exciting nonetheless.


Todd likes the traditional style food from dinner, so he went with the Pilgrims Feast. Mashed potatoes, turkey, green beans, and herb stuffing. It was good, just like what's served at dinner.

I went with the freedom pasta, and it was amazing. The mushrooms, chicken, and pasta are served in a rich cream sauce and topped with shredded Parmesan cheese. The noodles were perfectly tender, and the chicken was cooked perfectly. I would definitely order this again.

We decided to skip on dessert, but the Johnny Appleseed cake that comes with dinner is available. Liberty Tree is a great lunch place, and certainly a considerable option for anyone looking for a nice hearty lunch, away from the heat and crowds.

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